Pre-Buys can be a great way to cover 100% of your fuel needs from October 1 – April 30. Your #2 heating oil, Kerosene or Propane is purchased at the time of contract signing, locking in the price for the gallons you purchase regardless of market prices during the heating season. Pre-Buy customers enjoy Automatic Delivery earning loyalty rewards. (Auto Delivery price guarantee is not applicable) Once gallons are exhausted or April 30 passes (whichever occurs first) market pricing will take precedence for additional deliveries, and you will remain on automatic delivery continuing to earn loyalty rewards unless you advise otherwise.

Budget Plan

Let us help ease the burden of your fuel needs by spreading the cost over 12 months (if you sign up by May 15). Budget Plan pricing is based on US Department of Energy forecasted high price, creating a credit balance on your account to be applied towards deliveries received from May 1 to April 30. Deliveries will be priced at Market price on the day of the delivery. All plans end April 30. Any balance remaining will be due by May 15th. Budget customers enjoy Automatic Delivery, earning loyalty rewards and our Auto Delivery price guarantee. Prompt pay discounts are applied automatically.

Both offerings are “While Supplies Last” and available for a “Limited Time Only. Plan sign-up can end at any time”.


Loyalty Rewards – Program details:

  • Automatic Delivery customers receive Loyalty Points, including Budget and Pre-Buy customers on Automatic Delivery
  • Loyalty Points are earned on all deliveries received while on Automatic Delivery
  • Customers receive 100 points for every gallon delivered
  • At 30,000 points customers can redeem points for $30 off their delivery

Call us today to sign up:
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